Operational Safety and Human Factors

More than 56 years experience in medicine and aviation.
Consultant in Occupational and Aviation Medicine.
Visiting Professor of Aviation Medicine at King's College London, and formerly visiting Professor at Cranfield University.  
Chairman, UK General Aviation Safety Council.  Associate Consultant Jarvis Bagshaw Ltd.
Lately Honorary Civilian Consultant Adviser in Aviation Medicine to the Army.
Director, Ariane Education Ltd.  Member, Cranfield University Industry Advisory Board.
Flight Instructor and Examiner; Airline Transport Pilot Licence; former part-time business jet captain.
Following a career in the Royal Air Force (Hunter and Jaguar pilot, flying instructor, medical officer and test pilot), worked in the National Health Service as General Practitioner and Hospital Consultant Neuro-otologist, Royal Aerospace Establishment Medical Officer, and then Head of Medical Services at British Airways before becoming Director of Aviation Medicine at King's College London.
Former President of the Aerospace Medical Association (first non-North American) and the Airlines Medical Directors Association, playing a leading role in a number of international research programmes including EU and USA projects. Past member of the ASHRAE SPC161 Committee, SAE, and FAA RAC, setting standards for aircraft cabin environment; gave expert evidence to both the UK House of Lords select committees on aviation health. Identified significant occupational health issues for professional pilots and instigated changes in flight deck procedures adopted world-wide. Recipient of major international awards.
Professor Bagshaw remains a fully registered medical practitioner in good standing with the UK General Medical Council and on the European Specialist and GP Registers. Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians, the Aerospace Medical Association, the Civil Aviation Medical Association, the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Royal Society of Biology. Published more than 100 papers and major contributions to the standard medical textbooks. Author 'Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation'.