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All courses designed and delivered by Steve Jarvis: Leading aviation human factors scientist, well-known educator, and author of CAA CAP 737. Steve has been at the cutting-edge of aviation human factors and CRM for several decades, conducting research for airlines, helicopter operators and militaries. He provides (and has written) training for large airlines, regulators, manufacturers and militaries. His work is in use across the world (in both fixed and rotary wing). Steve brings you the highest levels of expertise in the field, along with his well known energy and enthusiasm.

Exemplar courses
Note - bespoke courses available to suit your needs, at little extra cost

Beyond Root Cause (1 day)
As run at CAA Gatwick, 2023. Looking at modern issues in piloting, including automation, and getting to the root causes. For instructors and examiners
Instructor HF CBTA Course (1 or 2 days)
Essential human factors for pilot instructors using CBTA. Includes modern research on monitoring, situation awareness, manual flying and automation usage, as well as workload management, decision making etc.
HF for Command upgrade (1 or 2 days duration)
Human Factors specifically tailored for new captains
Development Course for HF/CRM personnel & trainers (1 or 2 days)
Course specifically designed to help HF/CRM trainers’ develop stronger HF and CRM skills, understanding and application, including sourcing and appraising the quality and applicability of human factors material.
Effective Safety Management (1 day)
Course exploring effectiveness of safety management systems, including reporting, safety culture, safety metrics, HF in risk assessment, areas of weakness and how to find them.
HF in maintenance (1 day)
Designed for introducing real and usable human factors to maintainers and engineering managers.
HF in aircraft design (3-5 days)
Course for those involved in design and modification of aircraft installed equipment. Covers HF tools, requirements, HF validation, and flight deck design.
HF in accident and incident investigation (1 – 3 days)
Course for anyone wanting to get the most value from investigations.

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